“Time to Stop the Stupidity”

Nigel Farage, rightly, opposes the silly, pseudo-scientific conjecture of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, the related scams, and the massive amounts of taxpayers’ funds wasted thereon; naturally, one mendacious dimwit attempts to repudiate Farrage’s claim by repeating the widespread lie that a supposed consensus of scientists—in his case, a risible “99%”—durst support the hoax:

You keep telling us that climate change is an absolute top priority, and you’ve been greeted with almost hysteria in this place over the last ten years.
Well, those of us who have been sceptical about this have been mocked, derided, called ‘deniers’.  We’ve argued from the start that the science wasn’t settled, and we’ve argued very strongly that the measures we’re taking to combat what may or may not be a problem are damaging our citizens; and we’ve been proved to be right.  Tens of millions forced into fuel poverty, manufacturing industry being driven away because, of course, our competitors in China and in America are going for cheap fossil alternatives and, of course, wind turbines blighting the landscapes and seascapes of Europe.
And still today you go on about green growth.  Well, the consensus is breaking behind you […].  It is time to stop this stupidity.